Series and Films as a learning resource

There are many benefits to using series and films as tools for mastering english. Some of the most evident features of these two approaches are the utilization of visual aids and the acquisition of several linguistic skills and knowledge simultaneously. For example by watching a film with english subtitles students are developing their reading skills together with their listening ones, but you can go even far beyond that adding to the list getting better at vocabulary, use of english or understanding of contextual meaning.

Here are some blogs with more in-depth information about the benefits of using these resources:

For our “reto”, here is the criteria we will utilize for selecting the most appropiate and most powerful series or films:

  • English complexity: The amount of rich and valuable vocabulary and expressions plus the accentual variety, rarity and difficulty in understanding.
  • Speed: We must select the appropiate velocity for our students to understand.
  • Length: The effort put into watching a 1 hour video must be valued higher than the one put into watching a shorter video
  • Comprehension: we must assess how much did our student understand from the video watched.
  • Expression: Asking our students to develop an essay about the contents of the video is an interesting idea to ensure its comprehension, and we can use this activity to check whether the student acquired linguistics concepts from the video such as its vocabulary
  • Adequacy to the learning context: If we are teaching in one specific educative atmosphere a video whose context fits better to that specific atmosphere will be better.
  • Interdisciplinarity: A video that deals with concepts of the knowledge of other subjects or materia within the student’s curriculum is an interesting choice for the student.

Following this criteria here is some example of useful movies and series: “Extr@”, “That’s English”, Documentaries and Harry Potter or Disney movies.


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